fteproxy 0.2.12 and fteproxy-builder 0.0.2 released

fteproxy 0.2.12 addresses the following issue raised against fteproxy on Windows:https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/11286.

In addition, this release addresses:

Issue #120: problems building on Windows
Issue #126: ensure that we have compatibility for all 0.2.x versions of obfsproxy
Issue #127: where “make test” sometimes fails on Windows.
Issue #130: improved warn/error/exception handling

The release of fteproxy-builder 0.0.2 addresses issues for building window binaries, and support for debian binaries.


This work was made possible with a donation from NLnet foundation. Consider help funding the next stage of development of fteproxy with a donation.