fteproxy 0.2.7 and fteproxy-builder 0.0.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of fteproxy 0.2.7, and the initial release of fteproxy-builder 0.0.1. The purpose of this separation is to delineate between issues that are inherent to the design and engineering of fteproxy and issues that are due to building/packaging fteproxy for specific platforms.

The goal of the fteproxy-builder project is to streamline the process of building fteproxy for multiple target platforms and architectures. We are using Vagrant, VirtualBox and modern cross-compilers such that Linux, OSX, and Windows binaries of fteproxy can be built from OSX/Linux. For more details, please see the README.

The current version of fteproxy-builder supports OSX as the host platform and the binaries produced have been tested on Debian 7.1.0, Ubuntu 12.x/13.x, and Windows Vista/7/8. There is a known issues on Windows XP, which has been raised here : fteproxy-builder issue #1.

In support of fteproxy-builder, we performed a complete overhaul of the fteproxy build system. Our Makefile now supports the following options:

  • make – Compiles fteproxy for the host platform.
  • make dist – Compiles fteproxy and creates a distributable (tar.gz or zip) in the “dist” folder.
  • make dist-[platform]-[arch]  – Performs cross-compilation and builds a package for [platform]/[arch] and places the file in the “dist” folder. Currently, only supported on Linux host machines.

Current [platofrm]-[arch] combinations supported are: linux-i386, linux-x86_64, windows-i386, and osx-i386.

For more details about each of these projects, please see:


This work was made possible with a donation from NLnet foundation. Consider help funding the next stage of development of fteproxy with a donation.