fteproxy 0.2.10 released

In support of issues raised against version 3.6-beta-1 [1] of the Tor Browser, we’ve released versions 0.2.8/0.2.9/0.2.10 of fteproxy. These releases resolve the following issues:

Issue #121: support target in Makefile for producing debian packages
Issue #122: resolve issues where fteproxy sometimes terminates long-running Tor connections
Issue #123: Provide support for Tor Extended OR Port functionality
Issue #124: PyCrypto import error investigated and closed
Issue #125: Network connections, in some cases, close prematurely

In addition, updates to the README and BUILDING files add additional details for BUILDING on Linux/OSX.

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-browser-36-beta-1-released


This work was made possible with a donation from NLnet foundation. Consider help funding the next stage of development of fteproxy with a donation.