fteproxy 0.2.16 released

We’re pleased to announce version 0.2.16 of fteproxy. This release fixes a number of performance and functional issues.

  • Issue #144: cleanup of build process, remove makefile
  • Issue #147: fteproxy fails unit tests on python 2.6
  • Issue #148: get fteproxy working on Travis CI
  • Issue #149: long-running fteproxy server leaks memory
  • Issue #151: fteproxy fails to close network connections
  • Issue #152: add txsocks and parsley to setup_tbb.py

Binaries and source code is available on fteproxy.org. This package has also been published to PyPI.


This work was made possible with a donation from NLnet foundation. Consider help funding the next stage of development of fteproxy with a donation.